Behind the Lens



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I have always loved stories, I think I get that from my Irish family. Nearly everyone is familiar with the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but I disagree. It’s so much more than that! A picture is not only a snapshot of a moment in our life, but it’s a moment in time. It’s a reminder of who we were, what life was like, who and what we held near and dear. Whether it’s a wedding day, an engagement session, or a casual Sunday, there are hundreds of memories and stories to be told — all of which, I believe, can be inspired by a single photograph.

I fell in love with stunning imagery at a young age; although at the time it was more cinematography than photography. I adore the costumes, makeup, set design, and thought that goes into every frame of a film. In my teens I discovered fashion magazines where incredible artists and photographers were putting these same techniques into a single image! I snatched up my first camera and immediately began creating scenes of my own. While I still have a passion for the bizarre and the surrealism of the fantasy world, putting these concepts to work to capture the unique stories of my clients is equally as rewarding.

Professional photography is an experience; it’s an excuse to dress up and treat ourselves to an hour or two of glamour and fun! I understand that many people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera – I’m one of them. That’s why I work to get to know each of my clients to help them look and feel their best so that they can fully enjoy our time together. I want you to love your images as much as I do!

Everyone has a story to tell or a memory to make and I look forward
to helping you share yours.

-Natasha Devine